Performing with Sub Bass Snarl for the launch of the Australia Cinematheque at the Queensland Art Gallery ( before it moved into GOMA )

The performance involved remixing both audio and video from classic ‘monster films’ King Kong, Godzilla, etc. which was the theme of the first exhibition at the Australian Cinematheque, which was opened mid way during the performance.

Sub Bass Snarl remixed live the audio component along with a selection of electronica music and Superlight remixed the video component separately but syncronised with the audio, music mix created by Sub Bass Snarl. Multiple channels of video across 5 main screens and an array of smaller screens were mixed live. The highlight being the fusing of segments of the then imminently released remake of King Kong by Peter Jackson. At the conclusion of the first half, the theme switched to Asian Cinema classic films, which was to be the next exhibition theme for the Australia Cinematheque.