Traces : Rooftops, Berlin 7th-10th October 2009

An group exhibition of 9 international artists associated with Rooftop Studios;

Artists: Saa Aleksandar (BA/CA), Claire Sourgnes (AU/FR), Christopher Dietz (DE), Daniel Torres (US/DE), Jules Herrmann (DE), Richard Byers(AU), Jeff Johnston(CA), On-Yau Lui(AU), Ryan Hays (UK)

I worked in collaboration with On-Yau Lui & Jeff Johnston in creating an interactive installation. 6 paper surfaces suspended in a darkened space, illuminated by light, pattern and video. The work responded to sound and people in the space could walk around the work, with subtle interaction of shadows and light on the paper surfaces

This group show is also the first where we have 2 guest artists, Sasa (Illustrator and fashion artist living in Japan) and Daniel (Clothing artist from Berlin)

red patternspointing to detail

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