I was part of the group show Open Studios, at Rooftops Berlin on the 5th May 2009

My work will be video on canvas, a series of 5 painted works on canvas with video projection overlaid.

The work includes;

Anger amongst Sakura – ink and video on canvas [60 cm x 90 cm]

Sensitive Phoenix – ink and video on canvas [30 cm x 60 cm]

Bird online, an experiment in bringing a live twitter feed into the gallery for audience comment. ( work in progress ) ink and video on canvas – [15 cm x 30 cm]

Also shown will be photography, paintings, soundscapes and other projections by 8 international artists

Artists: Tatsuya Higuchi (JP), Dylan (US) , Simona L (IT) , Sarah (CA), Cimmarron (CA), Richard Byers (AU), Liam (UK), On-Yau Lui (AU)

anger amongst sakura bird online sensitive phoenix

Below is a short documentary video of the Open Studios exhibition at Rooftop Studios.

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