temporary view of Berlin

18 artists work on display at 531 Harris St, Ultimo in Sydney 15-21 December 2009

A temporary art gallery showcasing work from Artists from Berlin studios, Rooftops projected onto a suspended screen made of paper dyed with tea, an artwork by On-Yau Lui (AU).


Richard Byers (AU) . Cimarron Corp (CA) . On-Yau Lui (AU)
Chris Dietz (DE) . Simona Di Lascio (IT) . Mariah Dekkenga (US)
Sarah Adams (CA) . Kane Yoon (KR/AU) . Jules Herrmann (DE)
Jeff Johnston (CA) . Liam S Ward (UK) . Daniel Torres (US/DE)
Caitlin Ducey (US) . Claire Sourgnes (FR/AU) . Ryan Hays (UK)
Veronika Dietz (DE) . Marcel Richter (DE) . Camille Laporte (FR)

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