sound.transmission.light - Sydney

sound.transmission.light is an audio responsive artwork developed in Berlin and combines light & video projection together with a unique paper panel construction. The transmission of light through the naturally dyed paper has beautiful properties and gives character to the light and video; a fusion of organic and digital is the outcome.

The project is a collaboration between Australian artists On-Yau Lui (based in Berlin) & Richard Byers (Sydney) and local musicians, In Tokyo, Yukiko Tsuda, Mayumi Ishida & Marimi Morito, in Berlin Felix Haenel, and in Sydney, John Maddox, Wayne Wormald, Danny Graham & Mark Piccles. The artwork responds to audio played by the musicians and creates an intimate performance of music, surface & light.

The artwork has been presented in Berlin & Tokyo in 2009 and is now being performed in Sydney.

Project website sound.transmission.light

Photos from previous events

open to the public! rehearsal - darkness and light light and paper detail more people gather s.t.l - Sydney - red clouds s.t.l - Sydney - preshow s.t.l - Sydney - audience and bars.t.l - Sydney - beginning

Video documentary of sound.transmission.light – Tokyo 31st October 2009.
Music by Yukiko Tsuda, Marimi Morito & Mayumi Ishida

Video of sound . transmission . light Sydney Fox Valley performance 8th March 2010.
Music by John Maddox

Video of sound . transmission . light Sydney St Petersburg performance 26th March 2010.
Music by Wayne Wormald, Danny Graham, Mark Piccles

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