Creating interactive artworks & performances

Interactive programming with Quartz Composer, a Mac based visual programming environment

A workshop by Richard Byers :
Saturday 28th August 3:30pm-6:30pm @ The Edge, SLQ Brisbane
Saturday 11th September 3pm-6pm @ The Edge, SLQ Brisbane

an introduction to Quartz Composer environment
examples by Richard and inspirational works of others
how to connect audio, camera’s and physical sensors to Quartz composer
an open discussion will follow with more advanced topics, for users to swap ideas, showcase work, collaborate and make contacts

11 places are available, each participant will have a computer each loaded with quartz and additional plugins for them to experiment and produce quartz compositions during the workshop.

Richard Byers, a resident artist at The Edge with a live interactive improvised music performance and installation project, more info and details about him and his projects can be found at