I recently collaborated with Alex Whillas an Australian programmer & sound media artist and Elisa Fernández, a Spanish contemporary dancer on a small electronics project in Berlin.

Elisa has been awarded a residency in South Korea later in September 2011 and had an idea for a syncronised sound and lighting piece of electronics that she would incorporate into her dance work while on the residency.

Alex and I then collaborated over 2 weeks to produce, a wireless micro-controller with variable random switching of 240v lighting, in this instance a fluorescent tube. The solution though had to be flexible as Elisa, won’t know what type of 240v lighting she will use in Korea or the nature of the space she will perform in, hence the wireless nature of the electronics. The signal that toggles the 240v lighting is sent by RF to a laptop running Supercollider audio programming environment and a syncronised sound is produced.

The micro-controllers are Jeenodes, an Arduino clone which is cheaper and has built-in RF wireless compared with the standard Arduino’s. The 240v switching is performed by a DF Robot relay module. And the whole solution is neatly housed in a tranlucent red lunchbox, conveniently named Klickbox, hence we dubbed the project Klickbox since the switching relay makes a distinctive ‘Klick’ as it is triggered on and off :)

We will bring you some video’s and further photos following Elisa’s residency later in 2011.

Thank you to both Alex and Elisa for a great project, it was wonderful to work with you both :)


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