An experiment in sustained balance, considered decay, thoughtful slowness, containing and releasing emotion, moments of transition, the moments just outside of your understanding, within the fringes or just beyond them, that momentary tension of approaching an edge, the sensation before falling.

These works have been envelopes for storing, capturing, reflecting upon, studying or disposing of my emotional state, at their moment of creation. In every work is myself, as I was at that moment. They are emotional momentary envelopes, and like ADSR envelopes used in sound modulation, so an idea begins, falls, is constructed and then released as finished works.

The works are created by hand, hand-drawn or hand-held, without assistance, no tripod, no ruler, no guides. They are created as improvisations, with handcrafted character, explored and appreciated, the subtly of line thickness, the qualities of ink and light, of movement or stillness, the attention on a moment.

Many contain a distinct slowness, the slowness of time, sound or sight, the slowness of process and of determination, and the slowness of the spirit. Many of the works also are of their moment, moments in time, moments lost to time, precious moments that pass quickly, but can be valued for a lifetime.

This body of work was developed over 3 years, 2009 2011 between living in Berlin, Tokyo and Sydney & Brisbane. Some of the works were shown in group and solo exhibitions in Berlin in 2009, but this is the first time all the work is gathered together as a single collection. I hope you find something that intrigues or inspires you within these envelopes of momentary emotion.

I invited you to experience the work at the opening on February 9 2012 6pm at Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney.