Ishinomaki, Japan was devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. This project hopes to create inspiration in the re-building and re-creation work. I am living in Ishinomaki for about 2 months to develop the project and run a month long installation.

A short 4 min excerpt of the opening night performance on April 11.

Yukki (from Coupie)
Hiroko Suzuki
Marimi Morito
Yuriko Chiba
Yukiko Tsuda, Yoshimasa Kameda, Atsushi Tsubouchi, Kazuya Zenzai, Hiroshi Habu (from Sundrum)

Jason Ford

Noriko Shindo

Ayako Suzuki

Light projection and audio responsive software:
Richard Byers

Casio (LED/Laser Projectors)
Koyou (3kW Solar energy system)
Australia Crowd funding supporters – see here

Piano and Soprano performance 4 May 2012

Pianist : Mayumi Izumi

Soprano : Takako Sato

Taiko and dance performance 17 April 2012

Developing the concept with musicians from Tokyo in the month before the project opens.