At the request of the Australian Ambassador to Germany and supported by the Liechtenstein Government, I flew from Japan to perform with 2 Berlin based Australian artists in Schaan, Liechtenstein for the Ambassadors day 2012, a conference of about 80 Ambassadors to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The performance was held at the TAK Theater am Kirchplatz on 18 June 2012.

Music was performed by Clayton Thomas’ astonishing improvised acoustic double bass performance was well received by the large group of Ambassadors. Wonderful compliments were given at the informal wine tasting event after the performance.

Sound.transmission.light is an ongoing collaborative project developed by myself and On-Yau Lui, an Australian based in Berlin.

We have collaborated with musicians in Berlin, Japan and Australia and are actively look for future collaborations in other parts of the world.

for more information visit the project website