An exhibition of time-lapse photography, drawings and scale replica of the 145 year old Japanese storehouse at the heart of Gallery éf in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Open November 1 – 24, 12-6pm (closed Tuesdays)

The exhibition explores the concept of our inner and outer self through the use of photography and scale model of the inner and outer structure of the gallery building itself.

A small scale replica of the old Japanese storehouse hangs at the centre of the building itself, surrounded by dim light, the red structure of the model casts shadows onto the thick clay walls from the sunlight reflected by cars and passing people outside (12-1pm is the best time to see this).

On the second level you can watch a slow moving time-lapse film of the sunlight crossing over the weathered roof that is above your heads. The film is projected directly onto the thick clay walls and heavy wooden structure. An audio recording made at the centre of the building is amplified, you are listening to the building and it’s surroundings.

I hope you will enjoy the reflective experience found in the old building that has survived fires earthquakes and bombing and stands quietly among the urban development, it’s outside hidden from view, and it’s inner open to all.

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Gallery ef - UchiSotoUchi - Richard Byers